Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth or 3rd molars are teeth that erupt around the age of 17 to 21. Primative humans probably had a functional use for wisdom teeth as they had larger jaws and could accomodate these teeth into their jaws. Modern humans, however, often do not have space in their jaws for these teeth; causing the teeth to not erupt completely and become impacted in the bone. This leads to problems as the jaw matures.
Studies have shown that over the course of a lifetime, wisdom teeth have over a 90% of becoming infected and ultimately causing pain. This pain can come unexpectedly and can interfere with work, social functions, or other events. Therefore, we recommend having wisdom teeth extracted prophylactically. In doing this, you can decide when to schedule the precedure rather than having the tooth pain dictate this for you.

We recommend taking it easy and scheduling a day or two off of work following wisdom tooth extractions. Having the precedure done on a Friday and having the weekend to recover is often a good idea.